Becile B: Warehouse stores….? As in… *whispers* Warehouse 13…?

Becile M: Oh no here we go….

Becile B: I am not sure I am allowed to tell, but we are secretly working for Warehouse 13 too. At day we are scientists, and at night we are Warehouse agents! Collecting dangerous artefacts, protecting the world from devastation-

Becile M: Stop nerding around B…. wait… where the heck did you get that device from- …?!

Not every morning, since we don’t actually need food. But every once in a while, when we are not too busy.

It sounds super cliché but it is actually green tea. I find it mellowing. - M

Rooibos-Vanilla! - B

That sounds more like a dessert… - M

B flies occasionally.


Aren’t you guys in a basement?

Becile B: We moved to another floor… because…

Becile M: … Because B destroyed our whole laboratoy a while ago. That wasn’t a fun experience….

Becile B: //I beg to differ….//

Becile M: Too much rust….

Becile B: … too little interesting chemicals and elements.

Becile M: Also I am not sure if our bodies are made for space travelling. Our core is pretty sensitive.

Becile B: We wouldn’t want to cause a radioactive desaster up there….

[[We put some things in the Queue.

So there will be a drawing each day for the next…. 4 days so far.

This has been a PSA. 8D /B]]

Becile M: First of all, I am curious how they actually found here. This is not really a public laboratory after all….

Becile B: But generally we are happy to receive messages and see new faces. We don’t get to interact much with others. For some reason, most of our coworkers avoid the area as if it was hazardous for their health….

Becile M: We are also open to critic. We do have an AI, we learn from mistakes, and critic is most welcome.

Well… at least we should be able to learn from mistakes…. B still blows up a lot though

Becile B: OY. It’s not like you never make mistakes…..!

So we heard Becile Shaming is a thing…

Becile Android Supervisor K